Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Arnold and Babe

Like I said in the editorial comment below, ambitiousness took a back seat to laziness and a good nights sleep in my bed. So the brisket didnt happen. That being said, I'll be damned if the ribs didn't turn out better than the last batch we did. Modified the rub a little, and made a little more for future use. Rub went as follows:

4 tablespoon chile piquin
4 tablespoon cinnamon
2 tablespoon smoked paprika
3 tablespoon mustard seed

I also used a Hawaiian coarse rock salt (pictured above at upper left) bought at Central Market and fresh peppercorns from Pendery's that added a lot of flavor. After Smokehopper turned me onto the benefits of fresh ground spices, I am not sure I will go back to that pre-packaged nonsense. Used the famous 3-2-1 method again. Once I pulled Arnold and Babe out of the smoker I covered Arnold in a thin layer of BBQ sauce to see how it complemented the flavor of the rub/spices. After trying both, I have to say that there was no sauce needed. The sauce aided in reducing the strength of pungenticity of the spices, but thats about it. The slab without the sauce was ridiculous by itself. Here are some pics:

(New Residence of El Smokeador)

(Piquins in grinder)

(Finished Rub)


(Arnold and Babe rubbed sin mustard)

(Arnold con mustard)

(In their home for three hours)

(After three hours in the smoke and two in foil in the oven at 225. The kitty didn't get it)

(After 3 hours in the smoke, 2 in the oven and 1 more in the smoke)

(Sliced with flash)

(Sliced no flash)

Sorry the last couple of pics didn't turn out that great. I was having camera problems and was dealing with a cut on the ol' slicing finger. Some of those bones on the inside are incredibly tough to saw through, so make sure you have good knives.

I still have the brisket and plan on putting it on about 6 this Friday night ready to slice by 7 on Saturday. Pics might follow. I bought some new salt today and was told that it was a better smoking salt. I don't think the guy really knew what he was talking about, but neither do I so we will see. Till then, Green Acres is the place to be.

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