Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Derbyshire Invitational

My Posse’s on Breakfast Sandwiches (yikes)

This last week I was fortunate enough to receive into my kitchen two world class chefs visiting from their retreat in Vermont. Yes, both SmokeBerg and SmokeNor came to visit and while here, they made Yankee Breakfast Sandwiches. They are Yankee because onions and jalapenos went into the cream sauce. Also the recipe came straight from Bobby Flay, who as we all know is a Yankee. I’m not too sure if the word Yankee has any more social relevance but alas, I’ve already typed it and I’m sure as hell not going to go back and delete it. This is an amateur blog. Give me a break. I’m not going to do it.

The Process:

1) Green onions were added to a whole slew of eggs along with salt and pepper. They were scrambled.

2) Jalapenos and Onions were diced and placed in a pan to sweat.

3) Patty Sausage was cooked in a roasting rack of all places. Although not shown, bacon was cooked in the oven as well.

4) Grease from the sausage and bacon was added to the onions and jalapeños along with some milk and some a.p. flour. Brought to boil and then reduced.

5) English muffins were toasted with butter under the broiler.

6) The Sandwiches were assembled.

7) Deliciousness was had.

Thanks to SmokeBerg and SmokeNor for all of the pics and good times.
According to rumors and lies, Smoked Turkey Legs will be coming soon. I’m just sayin. Until next time Smokeheads.

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stephanie said...

It's more entertaining when Smokehopper cooks it up!

El Smokeador said...

duly noted, "Stephanie."

stephanie said...

and you, Smokeador (aka "Smokegenius)!

Now, go do something funny!

Anonymous said...

BAM! BOOM! (is that bobby flay?)

Steve said...


Kim said...

English muffins are so Yankee.