Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fort Worth Restaurant List

OK Everybody. We were all tired of not having an adequate Fort Worth restaurant list...SO I BUILT ONE.

The criteria for the list is as follows

1) The restaurant cannot be a "chain restaurant". (Although there are exceptions)

2) The restaurant must be inside the 820 loop. (Although there are exceptions)

Here it is. Please let me know of any restaurants that I missed. This list is ever changing and I need everyone's help to keep it current, and accurate. As suggestions are made, I will update the list under this post heading. Please use it!!!!!

Also, there is no ranking going on here. It will be up to you to determine if these places are worth going to.

Updated: 9/12/11

Fine Dining:

1. Del Friscos

2. Grace

3. St. Emilion

4. Ruth’s Chris

5. Bob’s

6. Chop House

7. Schula’s

8. Eddie V’s

9. Bella West

10. Bailey’s Prime

11. La Piazza

12. Silver Fox

13. Lonesome Dove

14. Ellerbee’s

15. Bonnell’s

16. Reata

17. Lambert’s

18. Lanny’s

19. Pop Safari

20. Ray’s Prime Steak / Seafood

21. Piola

22. Fort Worth Club/Petroleum

23. Various Country Clubs

24. Six 10 Grille

Casual Dining:

1. Cat City

2. Lilly’s

3. Nonna Tatta

4. Patrizios

5. Tillman’s Roadhouse

6. Fireside Pies

7. Brownstone

8. Michael’s

9. The Tavern

10. Sapristi

11. Grady’s

12. Rufino’s

13. Taverna

14. Buttons

15. Winslow’s

16. Bricks

17. Cafe 1187

18. Shaw’s

19. Simply Fondue

20. Italian Inn

21. Yucatan Taco Stand

22. Texas De Brazil

23. Lucille’s

24. Magnolia Motor Lounge

25. Ferre

26. Cowtown Diner

27. Daddy Jack’s

28. Paco and John’s

29. Milano’s

30. Sardine’s

31. Spiral Diner

32. Mama Mia Italian

33. Café Bella

34. Pappadeaux

35. Margie’s Italian

36. Fortuna

37. Mancuso’s Italian

38. Cattleman’s

39. H3 Steak House

40. Charleston’s

41. Vidalia’s

42. Zambrano’s

Even More Casual:

1. Mellow Mushroom

2. Rock Bottom

3. Hoffbrau

4. M&M Steakhouse

5. Williamson Steak House

6. Fuzzy’s

7. The Point

8. Zeke’s Fish and Chips

9. Buffalo Brothers

10. Perroti’s

11. Drew’s Place

12. Mama’s Pizza

13. Texas Grill

14. Boomer Jack’s

15. J & J’s Oyster Bar

16. Lone Star Oyster Bar

17. Flying Fish

18. Cabo Grande

19. Red Cactus

20. Blue Mesa

21. Parton’s Pizza

Fine Mexican:

1. Mi Cocina

2. Gloria’s

3. Cantina Laredo

4. Hacienda San Miguel

5. Revolver Taco Lounge


1. Joe T Garcia’s

2. Chimey’s

3. La Familia

4. Pullido’s

5. Esperanzas

6. El Rancho Grande

7. Rio Mambo

8. Chuy’s

9. The Original

10. La Playa Maya

11. Tres Joses

12. El Asadero

13. Salsa Fuego

14. Tortillandia

15. Dos Gringos

16. Benito’s

17. Pappacitos

18. Mi Cocinita

19. Uncle Julio’s

20. Mercado Juarez

21. Los Vaqueros

22. Mi Charito

23. Los Mier

24. Don Juan’s

25. Fiesta Mexican

26. La Playita

27. Dos Molinas

28. Mexico Real

29. Cancun Restaurant


1. Axiom Montgomery

2. Axiom Hulen

3. Blue

4. Hui Chan

5. Piranha

6. Tokyo Café

7. Edohana

8. Sushi Q

9. MK Sushi

10. Hammerhead Sushi

11. Wasabi Sushi

12. Sanjuku Station

13. Temaki Sushi

14. Japanese Palace

15. Taste of Asia

16. Sushi Yoko


1. Thai Tina’s

2. Thai Orchid

3. Pho Nam

4. Sam Won Garden

5. Thai Rice and Noodle

6. Thai Select

7. Pho’s Saigon

8. Jun Suree Thai

9. Bangkok House Thai

10. Sikhay

11. Sonny’s Diner

12. Tu Hai

13. Pho Noodle and Grill

Foreign Flavors:

1. Maharaja

2. Bombay Grill

3. Byblos

4. King Tut

5. Chadra Mezza

6. Terra

7. Greek House

8. George’s Specialty Food

9. Greenwood’s

10. Eddelweis

11. Bavarian Bakery

12. Sczheuan

13. Pei Wei

14. PF Chang’s

Lunch /Breakfast Only:

1. Jazz Café

2. Carshon’s Deli

3. Montgomery Street

4. Vickery Café

5. Paris Coffee Shop

6. Paul’s Doughnuts

7. Old Neighborhood Grill

8. Yogi’s

9. Galligaskin’s

10. Café Brazil

11. Park Hill Cafe

12. The Lunch Box

13. Pack a Pocket

14. The Great Outdoors

15. Zoe’s Kitchen

16. Mi Cocinita

17. Carniceria dos Hermanos

18. Black Rooster Bakery

19. Bluebonnet Café

20. McKinley's

21. Swiss Pastry Shop

22. West Side Café

23. Day Break Café

24. Ol’ South

25. Central Market

26. Blue Bonnet Bakery

27. The Gardens Restaurant

28. Montgomery Antique Café

29. Emi G’s Sandwiches

30. Star Café

31. Blue Tower Cafe


1. Fred’s

2. Charlie’s

3. Dutch’s

4. Love Shack

5. Tommy’s

6. Kinkaid’s

7. Pappas Burgers

8. M & O Burger

9. Five Guys’ Burgers

10. Smash Burger

11. Chubby’s

12. Jake’s

13. Your Way


1. Railhead

2. Angelo’s

3. The Smoke Pit

4. Sammies BBQ

5. Smokey’s BBQ

6. William’s BBQ

7. Risky’s BBQ

8. Coopers BBQ

9. Cousin’s BBQ


1. Taqueria San Luis

2. Tacos Don Miguel

3. Melis Taqueria

4. Taco Heads

5. Salsa Limon

6. Yes! Taco

7. Yum Yum Truck

8. Tortas La Hechizera

9. Granny’s Tacos

10. Quickway Burritos

Bars with Food:

1. The Pour House

2. The Flying Saucer

3. Fox and the Hound

4. The Ginger Man

5. Baker Street Pub

6. The Aardvark

7. Lucky Strike

8. 8.0’s

9. Embargo

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real quick plug here for a blog friend. If you have literally 10 seconds free sometime today, or tomorrow, or in the next couple days, please follow the link and vote for our friend Daniel over at Full Custom Gospel BBQ in the CBS Dallas/Fort Worth Most Valuable Blogger Awards thing thats happening right now. Here is the link:

If you haven't had a chance to visit his blog that's listed over on the left or right here, check it out. Daniel has eaten at and reviewed almost every BBQ joint in Texas, its pretty great. Not Smokeador and Smokehopper great, but who is really? Bwahahahahhahahahaha.

Here is a picture of a monkey with a mustache.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BBQ Bagel Sandwich-Pizzas

To begin, we apologize for the hiatus. We are back. Here is a picture of us:

Secondly, there are 11 things that a man needs to know before he dies. One of them, for instance, involves math. Another involves BBQ Bagel Sandwich-Pizzas. Today we learn about the latter.

What is a BBQ Bagel Sandwich-Pizza, you ask? Its exactly what you think it is, but more delicious somehow. Anyway, check it out below as we post pictures and talk about it (web logging).

However, before we begin, a quick comment about the current heat: My Goodness. Truly… it is hot outside. Am I right? Or what?

(Finfrock don't play no shit. Finfrock ain't never been about playing no shit.)

The meal:

So you start by smoking a delicious brisket. It’s pretty easy. Check out every other blog post we've ever made to see how to smoke a brisket. Here is a picture of what it looked like when we smoked the brisket.

It was excellent. Smokeador made it.

Next, make delicious bagels. Essentially you mix up some yeast, and flour and water and mix it up and then let it sit, and then bake it. Its literally that easy.

Not really. Its really complicated and very hard. StephSmoke does all the baking. I would suggest using a recipe of sorts. Here are some pictures of what it looked like when we made the bagels.
(mix it)

(rest it)

(rise it)

(split it up)

(shape them)

(boil them)

and after you bake them...Tadaaa: Bagels.

Next, make delicious BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce we made was Kansas City style. Which means a thicker sauce with more sugar than acid. In my opinion all BBQ sauce has essentially the same four ingredients, with different flavorings. There always seems to be sugar, vinegar, tomato base and water. Vary their proportions and you get different styles. This could be totally false though. Anyway, here is a picture of the BBQ sauce and a little bit about how we made it.

Ok, we started by heating up some beef fat that had solidified on top of the refrigerated brisket juices. (When you smoke a brisket and you wrap it in foil for a few hours, a whole lot of juice and fat seeps to the bottom of the foil. If you save this liquid, the fat will rise to the top and solidify in the fridge. Remove the fat and use it as you would any other fat. The reaming juices are chalk full of smokey flavor and gelatin. Culinary gold!) If you think it looks gross its looks kinda gross. But its not....its awesome smokey lardy delicious goodness.

(it turns into a liquid quickly)

(saute onions and garlic in it)

(add some Pendrey's chili powder)

(add dijon mustard, worschesrctire sauce, some molasses, brown sugar, get the idea)

(and about a cup of Ketchup. Not to brag, but we used a homemade ketchup. Suck it Trebeck.)

(add a healthy dose of the brisket stock)

(it dissolved quickly)

(Boom. Its done.)

(Strain it and that's it. It was delicious.)

Finally, take the leftover brisket that you have, and make chopped brisket. This is done by taking the fatty delicious pieces, and chopping them with extreme impunity. EXTREME IMPUNITY. Am I using the word “impunity” correctly? Unfortunately, there is no way to know that. Mix in a little bit of the BBQ sauce to keep it real. Here is a picture or two of the process.

Next buy delicious American Cheese. Captain America Cheese.

Now combine everything up like a pizza. First, you cut the bagels in half and add the delicious sauce. Then add cheese and meat, really in whatever order you wish. Put them in the oven for 10 mins at 350. Or whatever. I made those numbers up just now. Cook them until they are hot is what I should have said.

At this point we knew that it was going to taste good because of basic food math. If you take one delicious substance and combine it with other delicious substances, as long as they are compatible, the flavor quotient will increase with extreme impunity.

The Final Product:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwww! They were very good. They had the look of a sandwich, but the soul of a pizza, and the heart of a BBQ sandwich.

Thanks for reading!!!

Sorry again for the long hiatus. We will be back soon with Yoda Ears and Eskimo Farts.

P.S. Please take some time to support the Fort Worth Food Park, here:

There is a hearing coming up on August 3rd, and the foodies on Fort Worth need to unite! Thanks.

P.P.S. here is the best song of 2010 (No it's not - ES):

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