Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the story of el smokeador y smokehopper

late in the 1960's a younger el smokeador found his calling, the great great greatness of the smoke.  after many unsuccessful tries, it came to him in a dream.  brisket, smoke and more smoke provided afternoons of beer, smoke and eventually tremendously delicious bbq.  over the years, perfection was achieved (or as close as you can come to it).  some say that there are many ways to smoke a brisket and other forms of bbq.  "some" are wrong.  there are two basic rules to smoking a brisket: 1) ovens show lack of commitment, 2) fat side up, always.

in 2008 el smokeador met a young smokehopper interested in smoking various meats for various amounts of consumption.  el smokeador took young smokehopper in and taught him the ways of the smoke.   soon enough he was ready.  el smokeador and young smokehopper will share their knowledge of the greatness of smoke through pictures and words.  in our quest for the perfect brisket, we will tell tales of success, failure and above all smoke.   

~el smokeador~

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And Thus It Begins

Belgium....1945, two lonely ol war dogs roll out of the rubble of a crumbling building and say "one day our grandchildren will have a blog regarding meat smoking" And so it began.


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