Saturday, January 31, 2009

225 or the kitty gets it

t- 10 hours.  the longest blog post in the history of internet based bbq dfw related blog posts.  its coming.  someone should get smokehopper off his ass.  sorry parents and grandparents for saying ass. 

bought today :

11lb brisket
1 slab of rib
1 slab of rib
8 oz of Hawaiian sea salt
8 oz fresh peppercorn
8oz smoked paprika
1 candy cane (not used but in my stomach nonetheless)
8oz chili piquin

and some other stuff that we dont want to divulge.   it is arriving soon.  blog.

result? =>>???  greatness

editorial comment: didnt get around to the brisket today.  rib pics and not so longest post in the history of internet  based dfw bbq centric blogs coming tomorrow.

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