Monday, November 3, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

Texas lost. Brisket was great. Only a couple of snags were hit. 1)Fire went out during 3am-6am nap. Got it going again and meat was not affected. 2)1.5 hour per lb rule proved wrong. 12lb brisket on the smoke at midnight says that it should be ready to come off the smoke at 6pm (wrapped in foil at 9am). Instead, internal temp reached 180 degrees at 2pm. Unwrapped from foil and put back in the direct smoke for one hour. Rewrapped at 3 and left in chamber for one last hour of heat. At four, wrapped in a towel and in the cooler till 6. As stated above, brisket was fantastic. Pics (Click for higher res):

The Setup
Charcoal Starter

Glorious cut of meat (fat side down)


Rubbed (Fat Side UP)


Breakfast (no bacon, expired in May 08)

Self Explanatory

Cooler, complete with towel, beer and ice water

225 is preferred, 237.5 is ok

Finished Product



The Feast

Beans not included

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