Thursday, July 29, 2010

Turkey Champions....We Are

Thank you to everyone who voted, who told their friends to vote, who didn't vote but thought about it and voted for someone else, who thought about voting for someone else but then decided not to but still thought about it, etc..... I'm sure I forgot someone. We had some stiff competition, the other Texas guys again proved that our great state has the best backyard food to offer in our great country. Thank you Honeysuckle White for somehow finding our neat little culinary/literary venture and including us. Its been fun and you truly make a fine, fine product. We highly recommend turkey products from Honeysuckle White, they are a top notch little organization.

Thanks to the Delta Spirit, of montreal, Band of Horses, James Murphy, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney (the Black Keys who are apparently aware of the blog and what we do....big things coming...hopefully) and everyone else that provided turkey inspiration while we filmed countless hours of footage that was left on the cutting room floor. LSmoke and SmokeNor especially for helping with the filming and justifying our creation before we submitted it.

We really liked the idea of filming blog posts and have a couple other vignettes that we will be posting throughout the rest of the year. You should expect to learn about the origination of our blog and its true ownership. We have other turkey recipes that didn't make the cut that we need to edit and post eventually. There will also be a Texas BBQ symposium in the near future that we are overwhelmed with excitement about. Our friends over at Man Up Texas BBQ, Full Custom Gospel BBQ and others will be in attendance. Please visit their blogs via the links on the left hand side of the page. They are good people and have good stuff to say. Or write. Something.

On a serious note, thanks again for reading and showing your support for our fun little corner of the internet, you know for meat. We both wanted this really badly and hope you enjoyed the video. We promise to keep raising the bar when it comes to ridiculous food creations for many years to come. Maybe months. Probably weeks. Ok, the blog is done.

Not really.

~El Smokeador~

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Anonymous said...

Geoff, excuse me, El Smokeador: I'm so proud of you. My friends at work who all voted for you can't believe that I am related to you! I hope our votes helped. I hope to see you next time I'm up around Dallas. Had fun with at lunch with your sister a few weeks ago at lunch. Keep writing the blog...I love it. Love and congratulations from your crazy aunt in Houston!

Anonymous said...

Jonny, pardon, Smokehopper: Your mum is so proud of you dear! Everyone always said that a boy like you was destined to a life of dissappointment, but I told them "my boy knows how to handle meat -- men will love his ability to smoke meat!" I'm so proud of you, baby boy. You and your partner will do great things together! Love, mommy.

Bill said...

Y'all Rock -- Love the site!!

I submtted for but your vid really did look GREAT.

Can we mmention you on too?