Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sandwich that should have never been....but then for some reason was somehow.

(Don't look directly into it...)

The words "wicked awesome" are thrown around a lot these days. Not really, I guess.

Anyway, I made a sandwich the other day that you WOULD NOT BELIEVE! I was hungry on Sunday night and there was no sort of dinner planned, so I raided the pantry/fridge and I ended up with pure magic. Here begins the story:

Last week was a good culinary week, and there were lots of fantastic ingredients laying around. I will list them and tell the story of each ingredient. Remember them, because at the end I'm going to put them all in sandwich form. If you can image each ingredient indiviudally in your mind then you'll have a better understanding of how good this sandwich really was.

1) Scratch Made Roasted Garlic Rolls

(Imagine the smell)

StephSmoke got a Kitchen Aid for her birthday and it smells like a bakery almost every Sunday at her house. She was nice enough to give me some homeade roasted garlic rolls. (She made them the same day I made my sandwich) Super fresh and delicious and filled with roasted garlic. Absolutely amazing. Thats rosemary on top. It smelled like rosemary. Close your eyes and imagine the smell of fresh baked bread mixed with earthy roasted garlic and rosemary. Culinary high five!

2) Fresh Basil/Cashew Pesto

(looks like goop, tastes like good)

Uhhhh, I have a pretty awesome herb garden. I'm kind of a big deal. I mean...people know my garden. Famous people. Carbon Footprint. Urban Guerrila Gardening. Hybrid Cars. Solar powered zero point energy, but I digress. A few days back from the sandwich date (SD -3) I made an unbelievable fresh basil pesto. Pesto is herbs, in this case basil, and pine nuts, in this case cashews, and garlic and olive oil and salt and pepper. All mixed up in a blender. Its like The Rock of flavor. I mean the wrestler the Rock. But more like 1999 The Rock. Not Disney The Rock.

3) Grey Poupon and Itasca Texas Chevre

(this is where flavor is)

I had gone to the Fort Worth Saturday Farmers Market (which is awesome) and got some goat cheese made in Itasca. I dont know how to describe the flavor but I'll try: wicked awesome . The Dijon mustard came from France I'm assuming.

4) Blurry Tomatoes

(tomatoes are a fruit)

I also bought some tomatoes at the farmer's market. Parker County. I also got these minitaure peaches from the same guy. Awesome.

5) Hass Avocado

(Avocaodos from Target.)

I'm sorry that there is not a good story to go along with these avocados. Did you know that all Hass avocados originate from a single tree!? Its the truth.

6) Toaster

(I own a toaster)

7) Slow Smoked, applewood roasted, duck fat braised Turkey. Or just packaged turkey. Its all I had. Don't get all high and mighty on me Geoff Zakarian.

(Turkey in a Bag)

Again no story here....but Turkey is good. Especially when you heat it up in a pan prior to adding to the sandwich with a little butter and some fresh thyme. Again I have an herb garden......Renewable Energy.


Avocado on Toast

Added the Pesto

Added the Turkey

Sliced tomatoes next

Mustard and Chevre next

I finished it up with some Sabbanna Blend, which is my Dad's homeade BBQ rub. I went to Pendrey's with him when he bought all of the ingredients, but I cannot even begin to tell you what all goes into it, or in what amounts, but I know it had smoked hungariqn paprika, chili de arbol, garlic powder, onion powder, mustard, salt, brown sugar, fresh ground pepper etc etc. Its awesome. Its not for sale....YET.

(Sabbanna Blend - mixed by hand on the banks of the Sabbanna River in Commanche County, Texas)
Almost there:

Final Product:

(Oh' Sookie!)

Let me be serious for one second here. Top 11 sanwiches of my entire life. Imagine all of that good stuff all rubn up on each other in one delicious sandwich. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Victory was had!!! I wish you all could have been there to try it. All seven of you. Yes...even you there in the red shirt.
We've got a giveaway contest coming soon! Minatuar Legs! Etc!

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kim said...

Looks awesome! I am jealous of your herb garden. Stephsmoke's biscuits look good too, I'll have to get the recipe.