Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where in the World is Carmen BBQiego?*

*(worst possible title)

It was the year 1672 when Dutch-Spanish pirates marauded the waters of the Trinity River, near the modern day DFW metroplex. Gold was the businesss, and blood was her pay. Back then, there was no rule of law, there was only rule of cannon fire. Lives were lost at the speed of the horse.

From this time of intrigue and danger arises one of the greatest treasure stories that has ever been told. Of course, I refer to the tale of “The Texas Jewel Cat, and the Secret of Archimedes’ Treasure ”.

I’m not real sure where that was going but needles to say, we hid some BBQ rub in the wilderness, and we now challenge you, the reader, to venture into the wild, and retrieve this treasure.

My standard BBQ rub in a jar.

Piuquin, Pendrey's Chili Mix, Cinnamon, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Paprika.

The Test!:

Anyway, If you're daring enough to go and find this BBQ rub, and return it to either me or Smokeador, you will receive the last El Smokeador y SmokeHopper Hat! All that we ask is that you take pictures of the rescue operation and email them to us so that we can put these pics up on the blog, along with pictures of the hat giving ceremony (which will be quite dramatic).

Also, please don’t eat or use the BBQ rub because there’s no telling who reads this blog, and would go find it and do weird stuff to it. So just return it to us. In exhange, well give you more rub as well.

Hints and More Hints:

There is only one clue which will lead you to the treasure and I’m afraid that you must use your brains. Remember now, this is the only clue:

“When chiming the doorbell in France,
One judges a man by his pants
Look into the sky, and squeeze your left thigh,
You have arrived at the party to dance.

There you go. That’s it. That should be enough to lead you to it.
Final Hint:

(it has to do with the number of fractal relationships between the odd numbered words!!)

Other small hints:

Here are the exact GPS Coordinates with a link to Google Maps:

+32° 51' 22.02", -97° 29' 9.96"

Also here are pictures of the area and final treasure hiding spot.

The Path of Destiny:

BroSmoke Tears a path:

You are very close at this point. (take a left)

Final hiding Spot:

Good Luck Treasure Seekers! Hopefully udaptes will follow at some point!
More to come soon!


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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna take a dump in the jar.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty close to the dam path that crosses Lake Worth in the Nature Refuge...where the GF and I had sex one summer beside the trail. I hope that's not the same log

Anonymous said...

did brosmoke leave a trail of red pubes to help us locate the treasure chest?

SmokeHopper said...

Dump, Sex and Pubes. Classic.