Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best Cheeseburger in Comanche, TX.

Throughout the annals of time it has been said that the "Juicy Lucy" is the most groundbreaking edible creation in the history of mankind.  Thank you for saying that, but I must admit, this is not my creation.  Look, I know I make good burgers, but all I did was modify the recipe.  The accolades are flattering, and I thank you but please stop.  I am not a master burger maker.*

The juicy lucy's beginnings are debated on the interwebs frequently, and I dont think that anyone has pinpointed the exact beginning (although I lean toward the Minnesota origins). Smokehopper wanted to call the burgers I make the "Ruthluth Rufus" but that is not the name. I think that "Oozy Suzy" is a lot more fitting.  A true juicy lucy is two paddies with cheese in between them, kind of hidden but you know its there if you are making it yourself.  My burger has more of a hidden cheese explosion that catches you off guard in a ridiculous manner. Such is the nature of the "Oozy Suzy."

It starts where so many good recipes start, chopped garlic and jalps.

Bought some Colby Jack cheese and cubed it up.  We had some leftover cheddar and used that as well.  It needs to be noted and I cannot emphasize this enough, do not use velveeta.  It cooks through the burger and ends up entirely in the fire and makes a mostly hell of a mess.  Do it if you don't believe me, but El Smokeador is not available for grill cleanings.  He and smokehopper are available for birthdays, weddings and other gatherings (blogging in the 3rd person ftw).  Tell your friends.

Poor planning on my part left us without Worcheshire sauce.  Luckily La Hacienda de Smokehopper had Worcheshire powder and some vinegar so we made our own sauce.

Work the sauce into the meat evenly.  It will turn the meat brownish, but you should know that.

Add in the cubed cheese, jalps and garlic.  Add pepper and salt accordingly.

Make a bunch of paddies for your guests.  We had about 12.  I think we had 4lbs of meat, so do THAT math.

They dont need much time on the grill, but if you can't tell how long to cook a burger for you should figure that part out first.  This blog is not for telling time.

This is what the finished product should look like.  Not every bite is going to have cheese, but if you do it right, there should be enough.

Smokenor for the sake of blogosphere greatness.

We devoured the burgers like we were famished from slaying Van Helsing. Bwah ha ha ha.

There will be future blog posts from the same weekend and other great things we did (we were great).  

At this time I would like to announce that Smokehopper and myself made a deal with the internet.  If you use this recipe, please paypal $.75 to**

~El Smokeador~
* I am a master burgermaker
** Please don't send money to that email, its not real.

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hornian said...

I'm still waiting on my internet millions from my 3-2-1 royalties.

Eegeren said...

The oozy suzys look good. You should try adding grated onion one time. It makes them really moist and onionlicious.

Ben said...

You could probably get one of these burgers posted here:

That would be awesome.

Kim said...

So I made these last night for dinner. I have to say that while the burger was tasty with jalapeno and fresh garlic - all of my cheese ran out of the burgers. I had NO pockets of cheesy goodness! I will, however, attempt to make the best cheeseburger in comanche again and hide the cheese better in the beef!

El Smokeador said...

what kind of cheese did you use Kim? you really have to make sure its covered up by the meat.

Kim said...

I used colby jack cheese. I think you are right - cover the cheese more with the meat. I will try it again.