Monday, November 8, 2010

For the Sake of Content.....Turkey Neck Soup

We had a lot of leftover turkey products from our QITS (Quest into Turkey Stardom), the most interesting being the package of neck pieces. Other than wrapping them in bacon and stuffing cheese and jalapeno into the middle we couldn't really come up with anything extremely interesting or edible, so soup it is.

Onion (red and white)
Chicken Broth

Sliced up half the white onion, garlic, jalapenos, celery and carrots and added to the crock pot. Washed and patted the turkey neck pieces dry, added them to the pot and covered with chicken broth and water. This was all to make the stock for the soup which by itself was amazing. The jalapenos gave it a great spicy tinge that really brought out the flavor of the hot Chiturkey stock. Chiturkey stock is a good recipe for the common cold that dates back to the early 400's. When unicorn horns couldn't be harvested and hippo teeth had rotted out, the natives turned to Chiturkey. Enjoy it like they did.

After 6 hours in the crock pot (low temp) we reconvened and began finishing up the soup. Smokehopper had already pulled the turkey from the bones and strained the vegetables out of the Chiturkey stock. We sliced up the red onion, another jalapeno, garlic and celery and cooked them in a little oil in the pot until soft.

Added the Chiturkey stock and the turkey parts that Smokehopper separated earlier and brought to a simmer.

Smokehopper making a bowl of soup. Important for future posts.

In the end, you cant really see the neck pieces and this might appear to only be a bowl of off colored water with cilantro floating in it and a lemon wedge on the side of the bowl. But it was more. The turkey tasted like turkey. The broth in the soup was delicious and the cilantro/lemon really brought out the essence of the Chiturkey stock. In the end it made for a delicious warm meal that was easy to construct. Make it yourself sometime.

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Anonymous said...

You passed up an opportunity to make turkey hash.
Go Frogs.