Wednesday, November 10, 2010

El Smokeador BBQ Catering

Hello there. I've made it known to a few people but not everyone that I am going to start a small catering operation sooner rather than later. I need to say right off the bat that this is an El Smokeador venture and not Smokehopper. He has offered to help, but has too much on his plate (food pun!!) to do it as frequently as I want to. That said, if you have a need for a couple briskets with sides for a holiday party you have coming up, let me know.

I have provided briskets for a couple functions in the past that have gone really well and it's something that I can do a lot cheaper than your standard BBQ caterers. I can provide the following:
1) Brisket (Butterfinger/Candy Cane optional)
2) Buns, onions, pickles, etc
3) Sides (Potato salad and beans)
4) Dessert
5) Servers
6) Plates, utencils, etc
7) A garden hose if you require drinks. I will hook it up to your house.

More or less anything you need me to provide, I can provide it. If you think you will be hosting anywhere from 15-75 people I can accommodate. If some of them require a fish or chicken meal, I can provide that as well. I can accommodate a family dinner if thats what you require as well.

Here is a picture of a satisfied customer.

If you think you have something coming up that you want people to eat at, shoot me an email at and we can work something out. If you know anyone else having a party that you think would like to have some BBQ catered in, please pass this along. Parents, co-workers, etc. Or if you know someone that isn't having a party but wants to have a nice brisket for the holidays, please pass this along.

Thats it.


El Smokeador

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Adam L said...

Is this just for the holidays? What about after? Would you be able to do weekday catering? Lunch? Corporate?

Good luck man.

El Smokeador said...

dont know if you got my reply in email. i will keep this up as long as there is demand. lunch is probably out of the question on weekdays because of my real job. that said, with enough notice i could do some corporate stuff if needed. let me know what you have in mind and we can work something out.

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