Saturday, May 2, 2009

This ain't your daddy's egg

Woke up at the crack of 11:30 Saturday morning with a stone cold craving of some eggs and toast. Went to the store and picked up the only eggs one should buy, Henderson Valley Eggs (youre gonna love their eggs!). I read somewhere (read: nowhere) that there was such a creation that fuses the delicious goodness of a fried egg with toast making egoast? Still working on the name. It's been called a birds nest egg, eggs and toast, fried egg and toast but for the purpose of this blog post we will call it......."Toast with egg in the middle." Inspired I know, but that is why I am head writer for Head writer of a made up website that has never been googled in the history of Al Gore's internet is not a lucrative position, but I digress. Eggs.

Toast with egg in the middle is extremely easy to make and is pretty self explanatory, but I have step by step directions in case Psmoke is reading.

These are things you should buy. Butter, bread, eggs, and some Sriracha hot sauce. Cigar box not necessary but suggested.

You gotta put butter on the breads and toast it in the pan. I would show you a picture of buttering the breads, but like many things this blog is not about, this blog is not about buttering bread.

Get a glass like this.

Use said glass to cut holes in your TOASTED breads. The s on the end of bread is necessary when making toast with eggs in the middle.

This is how big the hole should be.

Crack an egg and pour it directly into the hole on medium high heat. Since the breads are already toasted, if you get the heat too high it will burn. Figure that out.

(one of these turned out better than the other, guess which one)

Add a little Sriracha to the egg-whites and let those eggs cook.

The middles of the toasted breads are fun little treats that you can add jelly too and eat with your mouth.

Flip the toast with eggs in the middle.

The finished product wasn't that pretty this time. I was pretty hungry and turned the heat up to finish it up quicker. Nonetheless, eggs with toast on the outside (TWIST!) are the epitome of tasty american breakfast foods.

Alight, I just looked at the real big picture and they really do look gross. While I am a master burger maker I am not a pretty breakfast cooker. I do not wear a funny hat so I dont think things always have to look good for them to be delicious. That said, if anyone would like to provide Smokehopper and myself with funny hats, we will wear them and work on dressing things up a bit.

Update:  These look a lot better.

~El Smokeador~

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GRANDE said...

Ditto You could fuck up a wet dream....... Pork Butt in the ATX needs to be the next post and we could even throw in a Lesbianese brakfast to follow....Make it happen! GRANDE

Jim said...

Popeye toast is what we have always called this dish every since I was a little boy and that was a long time ago

Laura said...

Toad in the hole!

Anonymous said...

Eggs in a basket at our house. Added bonus, find a nice smoked patty sausage and add it like a pirate's eye patch over the eggs.

El Smokeador said...

i knew something was missing.

Haley said...

Toad in a hole is what I know it as too. And I will happily make you hats - just send me your size.

Grand Pu-Bah said...

I love Egg Toast or Egg in a hole, which is the proper terminology for this culinary venture, but I definitely appreciate the additional references. Personally, I like to let my bread toast as the egg cooks, but from the pictures it looks as though you have a good system there. Look forward to seeing yall down in Austin soon.

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